“In my time as a manger it is very rare that I happen to catch a band by chance and be absolutely blown away by their sound, especially when low down on a bill at all day festival. Well that is exactly what happened when I first heard Scott mix. It was incredible to see such a young engineer be able to command not only the tone, but manage an outside stage and make it sound like a crisp indoor venue. Having now seen him around at various shows and venues I can certainly say this wasn’t a one off and I definitely regard Scott as one of the best up and coming engineers in the UK today. Always a pleasure to be around and a true professional, I cannot recommend him enough!” – J.O

“I’ve been touring with Scott for over a year now and I can absolutely vouch for him being a fantastic FOH engineer. Whether it be in large venues, small clubs somewhere deep in Europe, or high pressure festival situations, Scott nails it. Accompanied with a great attitude to advancing and a great work ethic, he is a valued member of the team.” – T.M

“I’ve worked with Scott on a number of tours, and he is without doubt amongst the best FOH (front of house) engineers that I have worked with in my eight years of touring around the world! He’s a true professional, delivers every night, and isn’t afraid to muck in and help out on anything at all! Worth every penny.” – A.H

“Scott is the kind of sound engineer you want to have on your crew. Most importantly he has a great ear and communicates well with the band. He’s particularly hard working, obviously enjoying his work because he’s happy to get stuck in with packing down and loading. He’s easy for the band to get along with but knows how to conduct himself in a professional manner. – B.M

We recently hired Scott as our FOH engineer for a run of shows in Germany. He is quick, efficient, and professional, and also great under pressure when we only had limited time for a sound check. Equally importantly, he is a pleasure to have on the road. He is friendly, enthusiastic and has a great sense of humour. I would recommend him to any touring band. Great guy to have at the mixing desk and a great guy to have on those long journeys! – S.D

“Scotty is without doubt a sound engineer I would strongly recommend to anyone. He’s a super nice guy, excellent at his job and always calm and collected in the face of adversity. I’ve worked with Scotty on numerous occasions and every time it’s been an absolute pleasure.” – J.M

“Working with Scott is an absolute pleasure! He is very friendly, polite and professional. He creates great live mixes and is very consistent every night. Hope to work alongside him again in the near future.” – D.D


“Scott has a tremendous understanding and ability in the field of live sound. Whether it be working with an artist who knows exactly what they want from their FOH (front of house) or to an artist that needs guidance/advice on how to develop their live sound, Scott always delivers. The attitude that he shows on tour does him credit as he is always the first to pitch in with any work that needs doing and he is great with creating personal relationships with his clients.” – M.M

“We love having Scott on tour. His attention to detail, work ethic and easy going manner mean he’s a joy to work with and delivers the goods night after night with no fuss!” – C.S

“Scotty is one of the best FOH (front of house) engineers out there. Our fans always say what a great sound we have live and he is the reason why. He is professional from start to finish of the tour, helping where ever possible and always making friends along the way. Legend!” – D.G

“Having worked with Scotty a number of times, I can safely say he’s one of the best sound engineers I’ve ever worked with. He’s professional, a good laugh and most importantly, he gets shit done!” – J.S

“Working with Scott on the road for long periods of time was a great experience as he is great to get on with, organises everyone with professionalism and owns the sound desk! Always our number one choice! – S.A